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KEI Wire
KEI wires are a type of communication cable which used to transmit information signals. These are helpful in transmitting computer data, voice messages, visual images etc. KEI wires are also applicable for facsimile machines, teleprinters, televisions and more. 
Padam Cables
Padam cables are designed for carrying electricity, transmitting telecommunication signals and bearing the mechanical loads as well. Our offerings are also ideal for power transmissions. Padam cables are resistant to shocks, corrosion and other damages. These are durable, reliable and versatile in nature.


Kirloskar water pumps are fabricated for draining water from shallow flooded areas, basements etc. These are also suitable for filling a swimming pool or dam. Our offerings can also be found in irrigation and agriculture areas. Kirloskar water pumps help in getting rid of excess fluid.

Alliance Copper

Alliance copper wires are insulated and widely used in transformers, motors, electromagnetic equipment etc. These are prepared with an enamel film and copper material. The said products are insulated and durable. Alliance copper wires are extremely versatile in nature and safe to use.


Submersible Spare Parts

Submersible spare parts are fabricated for irrigation systems, mine dewatering, artificial lifts and more. These are also found in turbomachinery like centrifugal pumps. Our offerings convert mechanical power into pump power output. Submersible spare parts are easy to installed and maintain.

Engine Oil

Engine oils are mostly used for the engine components that are in friction constantly. These are useful in lubricating the engine parts. Our offerings reduce friction and enhance resistance against wear & tear. Engine oils have longer shelf life and maximum reliability.

Compressor oils prevent metal from rubbing against another metal. These are used for cooling down the system for avoiding overheating. Compressor oils also minimize the stain on parts that are rotating. Our offerings lubricate rotors and seal compression chamber as well.

Electric Cable

Electric cables enable the transmission of electric power or signals by connecting two or more devices. These are helpful in making the long-distance communication convenient to take place. Electric cables have insulated structure, long lasting service life and efficiency.

EMROL Industrial Lubricants

EMROL industrial lubricants reduce wear and tear in various machine components. These are also admired for enhancing working life and decreasing corrosion & rust. Our products also help in eliminating the contamination out of the machine. EMROL industrial lubricants are highly efficient and effective.

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